4 Lessons Learned:

How to Deal with Panic Attacks

There is a small but significant portion of the population that suffers the effects of Panic Disorder. This condition leaves one vulnerable to getting panic attacks. A panic attack is that environment of fear one finds develop in them, due to a stressful occasion, though sometimes there is no stressful occasion causing it. You will notice it coming on through signs such as a change in heart rate, exhaustion will set in, shortness of breath, and chills or feeling overheated out of nowhere. It is common to hear the victims report that they thought they were dying.
We are yet to discover its true cause or a specific cure. The best thing to do is manage this condition. Here are some ways you can recover fast from the condition and also avoid future occurrences.
You need to slow down. A common mistake is for someone who just suffered an attack to try and distract themselves with activities. That is not the way to do things. You are exhausted, and so the best thing is to calm down first. You need to lower your heart rate through deep breaths. Take one task at a time, to help you stay stress-free.
You need a dependable support system. The sigma of the condition makes it hard to talk about. But if you can have a friend who understands, they will prove invaluable during an attack. Where there is no friend; you can turn to trained service dogs. It is important to make sure you do not get scammed in the process.
It helps to know all you can about the condition. You need to take time and learn more about the condition, specifically how it affects you. Do not try and isolate yourself from society and places. You can however avoid places and people that seem to trigger attacks the most.
You need to also avoid drugs and alcohol, until you handle the condition. Substances may seem like a great escape, but it only makes things worse; you may end up an addict. When combined with the side effects of drug abuse, panic attacks develop into more complex conditions.
You need to stay on top of your nutrition. A healthy diet helps deal with so many problems in your life, the panic disorder being among them. When you have fewer problems with your stomach and digestion through a healthy diet, you will suffer fewer panic attacks. That worry over gut health beings about panic attacks.
Exercise is also beneficial the same way as a good diet. Exercising makes your body strong, with fewer chances of you being sick. It also helps you deal with stress and panic, thus providing a natural remedy against those attacks.
You need to also aim for good quality sleep. Lack of quality sleep leaves you unable to manage our day well. Arrange to go to bed early and wake up later.
With these tips, you will manage to avoid, or to deal effectively with panic attacks.