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Important Benefits of Organic Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread is believed to be one of the healthiest bread since its discovery. It has a long process of natural fermentation using a natural occuring yeast and bacteria in yeast. Normally, sourdough bread generally has a sour taste, this is where the name came from, and has a special quality compared to common bread due to its lactic acid that is produced from lactobacilli. Sourdough breads will provide a health benefit that makes it good and a top choice for all bread lovers. The main ingredients of the sourdough bread come from a traditional element of flour, sourdough starter, which is made of a mixture of flour and water, and salt. It is made of all-natural ingredients that make it a sour taste and no yeast, no milk, oil, and sweetener is included in a sourdough mixture.

Sourdough is one of the traditional forms of grain fermentation, that originated in ancient Egypt some years backward. Sourdough is a conventional form of bread leavening until the discovery of the modern yeast that is used in a modern bread-making company to make bread rise. Today, almost all bakeries are using a leavening substance that will make it rise, this is the result will make the bread big as the grain ferments. Modern bakery of today is using a commercial baker’s yeast to make the dough rise. On the other hand, traditional sourdough fermentation is relying mostly on wild yeast that is produced solely by lactic acid bacteria that are naturally found in all flour.

In reality, sourdough bread takes a long time to ferment and rise compared to other bread types that are using commercial leavening ingredients. A piece of sourdough bread will pile up a multitude of health benefits compared to conventional sweet bread in terms of protein, vitamin, mineral content, and prebiotics. There are stores that sell sourdough bread that does not conform to the traditional ways and thereby reduces the true health benefits. When choosing to buy sourdough bread, it is very important to buy it in a credible bakery that bears the name of experience in baking sourdough bread. Here are some reasons why it is important to buy sourdough bread to gain health benefits.

As we all know, sourdough benefits us from some health advantages such as lactobacillus. Lactobacillus is a good bacteria found mostly in yogurt and buttermilk. The fermentation of flour and water creates lactic acid, the long fermentation process that will result in lactobacillus is great for our digestive system. In sourdough, the grain or the wheat is fermented to produce lactic, acid bacteria and wild yeast. Sourdough has less sugar content that will make the bread more flavorful. In addition. The long fermentation process has been proven to provide good health benefits, thus, providing healthy nutrition to all customers.

Sourdough also provides a low glycaemic index or GI that makes you full even if you consumed only a bit of it, this is another benefit for those who want to lose weight, cause it helps to keep your blood sugar down to its low level. The phytates that come from long soaking will result in the binding of natural minerals that are required by our body. The long proving and fermentation process will make a sourdough bread great for its texture. Aside from the unique texture that characterized the loaf, natural fermentation also contributes a purity distinction due to no additives or preservatives added. Lastly, sourdough bread is adaptable to other kinds of meal, it’s versatility will make it unique from any other bread varieties.

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